Missions Committee

The purpose of the Missions Committee is to shepherd our church’s ministry to people beyond our four walls.  The Committee identifies opportunities to help people in need and coordinates outreach programs.  This involves money, but more than that it requires engaging our hearts, minds and hands in mission to God’s people.  We seek to teach compassion, extending the loving care of Jesus Christ to those in physical, emotional, and spiritual need.  Our goal is to mobilize the congregation for ministry through active service in the local, national and international communities. (approved by Session 2/28/02)

The Committee asks, why reinvent the wheel?  The Mission Committee is happy to return to its mission work through its program,“A Mission for the Season.”

 We’ve chosen to put our energy, talents, and resources into primarily four important missions since 2014. Each quarter, we’ll be bringing attention to the congregation about a specific organization and/or need locally and internationally.

Our July-September  Chibanzi Nursery and Orphan Feeding Center.

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We will continue to monitor their needs to provide these children with a safe place to be cared for and fed. An exciting project we are exploring is to provide solar energy to some of the buildings in the next year or two. Other churches have already seen the benefits of a power supply in other parts of Malawi including more time to teach during evening hours, as well as providing income by selling power to people in the local area. 

To finish out the year our October-December mission will focus efforts on Jubilee Christmas.greatest gift

FPC South Bend will be the host church. This wonderful mission helps those in the community celebrate Christmas in ways they wouldn’t be able to without the Jubilee support. We need to have many volunteers to help make this a special time for families in need.

So look for some further announcements and how you can help us! Please see a committee member if you have any questions.  Dave Norman, Co- Chair


 Unity Garden

FPC has  a Unity Garden on the west side of the church.  This mission is supported by church members  and used by St. Margaret’s House and by neighbors who may come to pick as things ripen. 

The Mission Committee coordinates the care of the gardens.


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