FPC Malawi Association

FPC has the largest number of Malawi members of any Presbyterian church in the United States.  These members have raised our awareness of the needs of their homeland and FPC is actively involved in mission in Chibanzi, Malawi.  A number of church members have gone to Malawi to help with various projects and educational programs.

Since beginning the Malawi Mission in 2009:

  • 56 Shallow wells that FPC South Bend helped install are still in good operational order
  • Nursery school and feeding program is still working with around 100 children daily and is becoming more self sustaining through the purchase of a maize mill by the congregation which is used to grind the corn for use at the school and that also generates income that can not only go towards feeding the children, but in the future to hopefully help with expense of teachers salaries.
  • The Chibanzi congregation was also able to purchase a large Lowry truck which can be used to generate funds by providing transportation in and out of the village.  Again, some of these funds would be used for the nursery school program and also other church needs.
  • The solar project has been a huge blessing to the church community.  Not only is everything still operational, but the lights have allowed for more evening programing, made it easier to work in the feeding center kitchen, and the cell phone charging stations are generating money for the congregation.

In the fall of 2011, the FPC Malawi Cook Book was used as a fund raiser for the Chibanzi School project. Part of the 2011 Christmas offering also supported this project.

Africa Bags – lots of folks in Malawi are involved in this sewing and it provides a source of income for those participating and also provides a percentage toward the village programs.  Africa Bags are available for purchase at the church for those interested in helping with the project.

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