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Being Jesus’ disciples, we care for one another with smiles, handshakes, hugs, pizza and casseroles.  We study the scriptures as God’s witness to us in His Son, Jesus the Christ.  We joyfully worship together as a racially and ethnically diverse community of faith, in the heart of the city with the city at our heart. We have become a home to the poor and poor in spirit, the hungry and hungry at heart, the affluent and influential, the least and the lost. We are glad for this home and now endeavor to live in service to others in such ways that demonstrate our gratitude to God the Father, who in his Son and by his Spirit, has welcomed us home.

We are a congregation of all ages with diverse gifts, united by faith in Jesus Christ and committed to living out the Good News of his love in word and action.

In these pages, we share what we believe it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We have also included a synopsis of our history as a congregation and a brief explanation of what is unique about being a Presbyterian. For more on What We Believe




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